Belles ready to ‘ Teach for America’

Belles ready to ‘ Teach for America’
February 03
00:00 2013

Three Bennett College seniors have been selected as corps members for Teach for America (TFA), a non-profit organization that recruits recent graduates and professionals to teach in low-income communities.

Delrisha White, Raven Williams and Usha Satish help make up more than 10,000 TFA educators. in 46 regions throughout the nation. corps members are offered advanced training before being released into the classroom. During the application process, thousands of hopefuls designate their preferred grade-level and core subject as well as favored locations. Ultimately, however, TFA places the corps members where they’re needed the most.

Williams is Baltimore-bound to teach English. It was a personal experience that first attracted this English major to TFA. A product of low-income schooling, Williams noticed something was different once she later enrolled within a prestigious public school system.



“The teachers were more concerned, the school supplies were in abundance and college wasn’t just an option—it was mandatory,” Williams said. “I think Teach for America gives people who are passionate about education the chance to really help out. I also think there is nothing more triumphant than a product of these targeted communities returning in order to give back.”

Satish will strive to give back as a social studies teacher in Miami. For this interdisciplinary studies major, the mission of TFA falls in line with her aspirations to become a global health ambassador.



“I think my real interest comes from my passion for social justice, which is at the heart of what Teach for America does. We’re providing quality and adequate education for students who are being hindered because of the way the system is set up. This isn’t just a teaching job for me; it’s ultimately about social justice,” she added.

White is confident that TFA will enhance her future goals as well. A journalism and media studies major, she hopes to utilize her communication studies to enhance her own “entrepreneurial and social change venture.”



“Education is a great start to use my skills and still have social impact. I am not putting my career goals on hold, but I am finding non-traditional ways to utilize my degree and skill set, and still simultaneously change lives and ultimately communities and the world for the betterment of all people,” White said.

White will be stationed in Miami as well as an elementary education teacher.

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