Compassion Experience gives locals taste of developing countries

Compassion Experience gives locals taste of developing countries
May 05
04:05 2016



The commercials of underprivileged children shown on TV often times lead people to ask how are the children able to survive such poverty and who is helping them improve their lives.

To help answer these questions and more, Union Baptist Church hosted  The Compassion Experience.  The Compassion Experience allows individuals to undergo a journey into the lives of children in underdeveloped countries. The stories of these children are true. The children were all assisted by Compassion International and have become productive adults in their communities and beyond.

Compassion International brings children in Third World countries together with sponsors looking to help them improve their situations.  Compassion International is unique in the fact that the child and sponsor are able to communicate with one another through letters and even has an application on cell phones to allow sponsors to send messages to the children.

Bishop Sir Walter Mack Jr. connected with his friends in Global United Fellowship to bring the Compassion Experience to Union Baptist for those who are curious about Missionary work but are not able to travel abroad.

“It allows us to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ,” said Youth Director Kia Hood, who helped coordinate the event.  “One of the missions of this church is that we really believe in evangelism and church is not supposed to be a place where we only gather together on Sundays, but it should also be about reaching out locally and globally.” Hood went on to say she wants people to be grateful for what they have and realize that other people have it worse off than they do.

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