Editorial: Why can’t we work together like that?

Editorial: Why can’t we work together like that?
July 12
05:00 2018

The world was captivated by the rescue of 12 young soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand’s sweltering far north.  The Associated Press reported that officials praised the Thai and international divers who, in pairs of two, executed the dangerous rescue mission, guiding the boys, who could barely swim and had no diving experience, through a treacherous 4-kilometer-long (2 1/2-mile) escape route that twisted and turned through the cavern.

What cooperation! What dedication. Why can’t we in the United States work together like that?

Instead, Americans were forced to take their eyes off the coverage of the rescue Monday night and listen to the president of the United States nominate a conservative U.S. Supreme Court justice during primetime TV at 9 p.m., a contentious move. The word is he was doing it for Sean Hannity, during his Fox News TV show, which airs at 9.m. nightly.

A nomination during prime time? Isn’t prime time reserved for more important announcements?

Donald Trump loves to grandstand, so this was his reality show. The office of the presidency is held in high regard, so usually when the president says “Jump!” news organizations say “How high?”

The president nominated Brett Kavanaugh, a conservative judge on the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C.

But really, the primetime announcement of a figure that will be so polarizing is almost an insult to the American people. What will Donald Trump use prime time to announce next, that he is getting a new TV show?

The world went back to looking at the Thai rescue, which concluded early Tuesday. Since that drama is over, it’s time to tune back into the drama “As the Trump World Turns,” or, maybe it can be called “As the World Turns on Trump,” because he is going to a NATO summit with world leaders not thinking highly of him.

CNN is reporting that Trump said his easiest meeting on his foreign trip to Europe during the next week might be his sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump spoke to reporters Tuesday before leaving for the NATO summit in Brussels, the first stop on his trip. He then plans to travel to the United Kingdom where he will hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May and meet with Queen Elizabeth II. Trump will have his first standalone summit with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, Monday.

Well, maybe with Trump going to talk in person to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the show could be called “As Trump Turns on the United States.”

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