Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
August 30
10:45 2018

We will miss the character of Sen. McCain

To the Editor:

The death of Senator John McCain reminds us that none of us are immortal, but his life was one of service and love for his country. Giving of one’s service until the end speaks volumes of his integrity, and he fulfilled the call from our maker to be of service to others.

His acts of service in war, where he was held captive, and then at home was one of dignity, respect and care in the United States Senate, far surpassing many others in similar circumstances. Above all, he put partisanship aside to make decisions that were in the best interest of all of the citizens of the United States and usually without much fanfare.

We shall remember him and miss his brand of high character in the Senate. We add our condolences to his family and our country as a whole. Rest in peace (RIP) dear Senator.

Dorothy Leavell, Chairwoman

National Newspaper

Publishers Association

Washington, D.C.

John McCain’s integrity and courage were his greatest virtues. His national leadership example is still needed today not only in the U.S. Senate, but also in every state, city and town across America.

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.

President and CEO

National Newspaper

Publishers Association

Ashley parents should consider alternative options to students

To the Editor:

As we came together for the first day of school, the Action 4 Ashley Coalition would like to reiterate that we do this for our kids first and support them fully. Our goal is to welcome students and protect their well being. We are an intersectional group of people who are capable of fighting battles on multiple fronts for greater equity and fairness. We support the kids, especially in these inequitable circumstances they find themselves in. We are actively working to fill in the gaps that the Winston-Salem/Forsyth school board left due to their negligence.

New HVAC systems are not enough and a new school needs to be built. We are encouraging parents to consider alternative options for where their kids attend school this year due to these circumstances. Our kids at Ashley Academy need to be greeted and continuously treated with the same passionate care and concern as other children in our school system.

Action 4 Ashley Coalition


Note: On Monday, Aug. 27, students across Winston-Salem returned to school. Students at Ashley Academy were greeted by the Triad Mentoring Coalition’s 100 Men Reception Tunnel. The organizers of the Action 4 Ashley Coalition issued the above statement regarding the first day of school.

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