Nonprofit gives back to the community at Thanksgiving

The Josh Howard Foundation fed over 250 during their annual dinner Sunday afternoon at K&W Cafeteria.

Nonprofit gives back to the community at Thanksgiving
November 22
01:30 2018

The Josh Howard Foundation (JHF) has given back to the youth of Forsyth County for years.  Quietly the nonprofit has also included the elderly community as well by treating them to their annual Senior Thanksgiving Dinner at K&W Cafeteria on Healy Drive.

The dinner was held on Sunday, Nov. 18 from 4 to 6 pm.  The foundation set out to serve 200 people, but the final count ended up being over 250. 

The non-profit has been holding this event for the past eight years.  According to Howard, they decided to start the event because his grandmother loved K&W so much.

“My grandmother was a big fan of K&W, especially the one off of Healy Drive and I also know how important senior citizens are to the community,” said Howard.  “We just wanted to give something back to them, you know.”

Over the years, Howard says he has received so many positive responses from those who have participated in the event. 

“We had some people who were randomly in there trying to figure out who was putting it on and they were so appreciative when they found out it was me,” he continued.  “It is a continuous thing and I am thankful I have people out here that care  anda support what I am doing out here in the community.”

Howard says it feels great to bless others need or just those that need a “pat on their back.”  He said he does not do things for the recognition, but because that is how he was raised.

“For me to be put in the position to do the things that I do, I am not looking for any instant gratification or anything like that, I am just doing it because it was taught to me,” he said.  “I just love giving back, so I am thankful and fortunate.”

Steve Nivens, head of the Josh Howard Foundation, says he was proud to be a part of such a great event. 

“We respect and look up to our elders because that is who raised us and made us the men we are today,” said Nivens.  “It wasn’t just our parents and grandparents either, it was more people responsible for us.  The world is kind of getting away from ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so it was a blessing to give back to the people we look up to.”

Even after the dinner was concluded, Nivens stated he received several text messages from individuals thanking them for the event.  It says it “makes it all worthwhile.”

“That shows us that the work we are doing is not going in vain,” Nivens said about the heartfelt thank you messages.  “We don’t put it out there for a lot of people to know what we are doing.

“We don’t do it for the notoriety, we do it for the love of giving back,” he said. 

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